Family photo of Bali Recycling staff, they work hard to keep Bali beautiful.

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Proper Waste Management

Proper waste management is essential to our ecosystem, our health, our economy and our future.

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Sorting Materials

There are dozens of categories of waste materials that need to be separated for reuse, recycling or upcycling.

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Resource Recovery

Resource recovery is the practice of reclaiming materials that were previously thought of as “garbage”. These bottles will be 'upcycled'.

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Examples of glass bottles given a new life. Reincarnated glass, you can call it.

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The M.R.F.

Our Material Recovery Facility is a large shed were all types of recyclable wastes (plastics to garden waste) is sorted & prepared for recycling.

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“We can’t run a throwaway society on a finite planet. It is time to spend money on perfecting recovery instead of on destruction…” Dr. Paul Connett, chemist & professor